Basic Services

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Basic Services

We do NOT charge extra for disaster cleanup. After a hurricane or vicious storm, we will not charge you anything extra than your monthly fee to clean your pool.

Chemical Services:

  • Includes testing, maintaining, and repairing imbalances.

Wall, Floor, and Tile Brushing/Cleaning:

  • Our tile, floor, and wall cleaning service is well-known around Southwest Florida as being one of the top cosmetic pool services around. Why? Simply because we take pride in our cosmetic work to ensure your pool is looking squeaky clean and brand new.


  • Here at Florida Pool Masters, we have some of the most high tech and cutting-edge pool vacuums in the world to make your pool debris free.

Inspecting Salt Cells:

  • Having a professional inspect your pools salt cell regularly is key because that is what makes your pool properly sanitized and specimen free.

Clean Filter Cartridge:

  • Cleaning and maintaining a filter cartridge is very important to make sure your pools filter is working hard to keep your water clean.


  • Our skimming service makes sure that the surface of your pool is debris free and crystal clear.